Q. What is an affiliate?

In the Casino Internet marketing industry, an affiliate is someone who sends potential players to a Casino website in exchange for commissions.

Q. What is the Feature Tour?

The feature tour is a brief description of the system features you will have access to after you sign up.

Q. What are Casino Brands?

As an affiliate, you become part of our Casino Group which comprises several online casinos, each called a Casino Brand.

Q. How is this Affiliate Program different from others?

This Affiliate Program will partner you with Casinos that run only the best online games in the market – known for their speed of play, their big bonus features, their fairness and of course their unbeatable graphics and fun!, which is what players are looking for.

Q. How do I start making money?

Sign up to become an affiliate, put up the marketing tools in your site and begin promoting our Casino.

Q. Do affiliates simply get paid for putting up marketing tools on their Websites or blogs?

No. Affiliates earn commissions on the revenue generated by their referred players. Just having marketing tools on a Web site is no guarantee that site visitors will actually click them:

  • register at the Casino and download the Casino software (you can make money per sign-up),
  • deposit money (you can make money per deposit or depositor), and
  • play (you can make money on the money actually waged at the Casino).

Q. What are Marketing Tools?

Marketing Tools are hyperlinks you can place in your site, and which promote our Casino Partners and when clicked on re-direct your visitors. Marketing Tools maybe in the form of banner ads, progressive tickers, links and e-mailers, which you can copy to your site or blog.

Q. What are Banners?

Banners are the graphic advertisements we provide you with to promote our Casino Partners. They come in a variety of sizes and designs.

Q. What are e-Mailers?

e-Mailers are e-mail text created exclusively to promote our Casino Partners. e-Mailers integrate text with imagery along with cosmetic features like varying fonts, colors and formatting that introduce an element of interactivity, usually a clickable image or hyperlinked word or text – the window to our Casino Partners.

Q. How do I know which marketing tool could work best for me?

By interpreting reports. Experience will tell you how your visitors behave, and that may affect the way you can profit most. For example, if you learn that Casino players you referred usually play large amounts of money you would want an Affiliate Program that pays you a percentage based somehow on the amount they wage. However, if you learn that Casino players you refer usually play rather small amounts of money, you may be better off by receiving a commission on how many referred visitors actually become Casino players.

Q. What do I do if I have tehnical problems?

Contact support or your Affiliate Manager.